Keely Day Broderick
Young Keely Day Broderick

Keely Day Broderick

A childhood visit to an Irish Pub started my art and design career.

I saw the “My Goodness My GUINNESS!” posters in an Irish Pub my family would visit after soccer practice. With just 4 words, a zoo keeper, and his various animals an entire story was captured. I didn’t stick with soccer, let alone any sport, instead those posters got me into art to tell a story.

I began drawing which led to 3d art, theater, video production, sewing, graphics, ux, ui, journalism, photography, and art direction. I’m continuously getting into more forms of art to expand my creativity.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Creative in the Art Direction with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and another Bachelor of Arts in Information Science with a focus on Media and Information with a minor in Leadership of Organizations.

Art Direction Logo


By incorporating the imagery of a sprout and the horizon a subtle yet meaningful connection emerges between the two, they form the shape of a sideways KD - my initials and unique identity. The clever use of symbolism serves to create a logo that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves as a memorable reminder of my name, without resorting to a simplistic and mundane design that fails to capture the essence of my personality and creativity.

4 Parts of the Foundation


Much like a sprouting plant, I am nurturing and tending to innovative ideas, bringing them to fruition and reality. The sprout is in the shape of a sideways k, the left leaf being the arm and the right leaf being the leg.

4 Parts of the Foundation


The same way the horizon stretches far beyond one's sight I am always seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth. The horizon is in the shape of a sideways d, the horizon being the stem and the sky being the bowl.