Oculus Meta Quest 2


In a span of 7 months, Michigan State University American Advertising Federation created a fully integrated campaign for Meta Quest 2, a product that underwent a rebranding halfway through from Facebook to Meta. The campaign aimed to position Meta Quest 2 as a coveted and essential product for the 18-24 year old demographic by leveraging social connections and tapping into the user's imagination. Through extensive research and insights, the campaign emphasized the key elements of "Connect. Play. Create. Key to Exploration." as the foundation for exploration. Various marketing materials were created, including a Seventeen Magazine microsite, OOH display ads, fisheye lens print posters and banner ads, digital billboard, and :40-:60 commercial spot.


The challenge was to create a compelling campaign for Meta Quest 2 amidst the rebranding from Facebook to Meta, while also appealing to the target audience of 18-24 year olds. Additionally, the campaign needed to highlight the unique value of the product and position it as an essential item in the highly competitive market for young consumers.