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As part of Virginia Commonwealth University Camp ADventure, we collaborated with the non-profit organization By From A Black Woman (BFABW), which aims to bring awareness to Black women owned businesses. We focused on building awareness for BFABW's Online Directory and increasing the number of businesses in the directory by understanding that Black women entrepreneurs often start their own businesses due to dissatisfaction with corporate America. We aimed to empower Black women business owners by showcasing the opportunities and resources offered by BFABW, and we developed various marketing materials, including an app, social media posts, emailer, mailer, YouTube ad, and case study video, to support our efforts. Our work was recognized with awards for Best Team TikTok, 1st place in our section, and Best in Show.


  • 1st place in RFP-B at VCU Camp ADventure
  • Best in Show campaign at VCU Camp ADventure
  • Best B2B Integrated Campaign in Student Show at the Richmond Ad Club
  • Gold at the Richmond Ad Club
  • Team

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    Vanessa Miller
    Collier Phillips Keely Broderick Lorn Williams
    Devin Singh Lindsey Hughes Sweta Chowdhury


    The term "Black Owned" peaked during the May 21 to June 6 2020 period.

    Black Owned search word peaked 2020


    Respondents indicated that they want:

    • to feel secure and confident that their business can grow
    • to connect with a large supportive business network
    • to thrive without limits
    • people buy from them for reasons other than guilt

    Target Audience


    Black Female 18-30 years old Entrepreneurs; own small, local businesses that generate less revenue than expected and may be struggling with debt or raising capital.


    They are looking for ways to pivot and realign their business so that it can grow and prosper in an ever-changing landscape and reach their potential target audience more easily.


    They are highly goal-oriented and hardworking and are driven to gain accessibility to the networks and relationships that could help them make optimal business decisions.


    Category Truth

    Women make up 35% of Black business owners. They receive less business financing, less frequently, and at higher rates, while only 18% of Black business owners report receiving assistance from loan officers in filling out applications. Black entrepreneurs are three times as likely as white entrepreneurs to say that a lack of access to capital negatively affects their businesses’ profitability and almost twice as likely to cite the cost of capital.

    The White Space

    The current social climate in America is a double-edge sword for minority business owners. Because the conversation about race is so prevalent, Black entrepreneurs are no longer invisible. More new and existing black businesses are striving to eventually overcome barriers because they want to pursue their own interests and are unsatisfied with corporate America.

    Desired Response


    BFABW’s online directory is a trustworthy resource.


    The target audience feels incomplete if they are not listed on the online directory.


    To be part of the online directory.


    Dissatisfied with corporate America, Black Women Business Owners started their own businesses because they want to be their own boss.


    Black Women business owners should never apologize for being themselves; that it is time to make decisions that they believe are in the best interests of their own business and to inspire others to follow their lead.

    Big Idea

    It's your dream, time to own it.

    Case Study


    We picked a color scheme that adhered to the brand guidelines (b&w), adding our own accent color to add contrast and assist with usability. We ensured our color scheme was color blind safe and kept accessibility in mind by using white space throughout the app. We also refrained from using true black to avoid user eye strain due to contrast, opting instead for a dark gray.

    Create a personal account with an option to:

    • Save favorite Black Woman Businesses
    • Explore and discover businesses in the directory
    • User-Based Personalization and recommendations
    • Search by location of nearby Black Women-owned businesses
    • Search by name or keyword
    • Share your favorite products on other social media channels
    • Option to allow users to invite a business to register
    • Users can visit their favorite Black Woman Businesses website and leave reviews
    • Donate page



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    Carousel Own Your Dream


    We wanted Black Women business owners to know BFABW is as gutsy and dynamic as they are. We're so sure that they'll want to join BFABW, we want to bill them ahead of time. Introducing the BFABW Bill, a direct mailer (e-mail & post) that creates awareness for the BFABW Directory and app by informing the audience about BFABW's many helpful resources and spreading the message of being bold and owning your dream.

    BFABW Bill Back
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